Concussion Recovery Log Updated

My work on concussions the past few weeks led me to revise the female version of my Concussion Recovery Log. I added several new pages for tracking menstrual cycles. While I had tracking information in the first version, there's much more now. It's … [Read more] is Relaunched

I have an additional site about concussion that I invite you to review: It's for female concussion advocacy and awareness. I first started working on this topic back in June of 2012. The 40-year anniversary compelled me to start … [Read more]

Announcing: Amazo Awards!

There's nothing easy about a concussion recovery. It can progress in inches, or seem to. A slow process, for sure. I also think that you may not always notice positive changes and progress that occurs because it can be so slow. Other times, it's very … [Read more]

Story: as yet untitled

Long ago, ten years actually, I enrolled in a fiction writing certificate program at the UW. And wrote some short stories. Yesterday, I started thinking about how it's good to sometimes step away from a concussion and look at everything else going … [Read more]